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Profits Without Pain

Providing technical support for all the speech-recognition and business solutions you offer your customers can be time-consuming, not to mention costly since it usually means having IT support on staff.

You can save yourself time and money by using Certified eSupport, a technical support resource for you and your customers. With tiered levels of technical support for all the products eDist Business has to offer, you can rest assured that your customers will get all the answers they need, without you having to do a thing. By offering this service to your customers, not only will you have more time to build your client base and sell speech-recognition and business solutions, you'll also be providing them with an additional level of customer service that is unparalleled.

Certified eSupport is an exclusive service for reseller partners, and their customers, with eDist Business. Resellers get access to the extensive knowledgebase, which has invaluable product information, FAQs, webinars, and more, to help answer a wide range of technical questions. In addition to that, you and your customers have access to the entire Certified eSupport staff, who will give you an answer to your question if it's not on the knowledgebase.

Your customers can choose from the
following levels of support that suits
their individual needs:


The knowledgebase package is an easy add-on. Its relatively low cost and high value makes it the perfect source of annual, no-fuss revenue. Customers get login access to the vendor(s) they need, depending upon which solution(s) you sold them, for a full year. They'll be able to search for resolutions to common or known technical issues, as well as find guides that will assist them in setting up or changing certain configurations. In total, there are over 1,000 articles, focused around our major partners, Nuance (Dragon), Philips, and Olympus.

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Install Me

This service is for clients who want expert installation of their new software and/or hardware, as well as a quick orientation. It's an effective way for you to ensure that your customers get an excellent start off the line once they receive their new solution(s), and it makes a good first impression. In our experience, we've seen some clients experience confusion and frustration with their new purchases. Why not avoid that altogether and allow us to install the solutions confidently and correctly the first time. Note that Install Me also includes one year of knowledgebase access.

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Assist Me

Think of this option as simply a one-hour block of time for anything your customers need related to the solutions we distribute. That means that we can customize the service and apportion the time as the client desires. For example, Assist Me is perfect for simple installations paired with a short training, or advanced configuration of an installed solution. We do require that the time be used all at once, so it's best to plan out what the client wants or needs beforehand, if possible. All-in-all, this service package is perhaps one of the easiest to sell, because it's very flexible and can address a lot of small to medium needs. One year of knowledgebase access is also included.

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Tier One

This level of support will give your customers one year of technical assistance, by phone or via remote session, for any errors or issues that arise, as well as access to the knowledgebase, live chat support, and the ticketing and callback feature. The ticket system is excellent for getting answers to questions that can't be found on the knowledgebase, or that arise after normal business hours. Tickets will receive a response within 24 hours of inquiry.

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Tier Two

This level of support gives customers all the benefits of Tier One, plus four hours of personalized training, installation, and customization via our remote desktop streaming service. We'll keep track of your customers' available time, and they can set appointments with us when it's convenient for them. We'll also subdivide the four hours, which is an advantage over buying multiple Assist Me packages. Your customers can get their solutions installed and configured, learn all the ins and outs, and then get customizations that fit their needs exactly!

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Tier Three

This level of support includes everything found in our Tier Two package, plus four more hours of installation, training, and customization, for a total of eight hours. These extra four hours are usually required for advanced services such as custom command development, enterprise workflow configuration, server installation and client rollout, and virtual environment integration. Some clients also prefer to use their eight hours to hold multiple interactive training sessions for their organization. Again, it's all about what your customers want, so that they can get the most out of their dictation, transcription, and speech-recognition solutions.

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Tier Four

Tier Four is the highest and most comprehensive level of support offered by Certified eSupport. It includes all the benefits of Tier Three‚??and also includes on-site installation, configuration, customization, and training for your customer and all of their support staff. This is the red carpet of service packages, for those clients who have big goals and want excellent, hands-on service.

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Technical Support Made Easy

eDist Business is the only wholesaler that can provide exclusive access to Certified eSupport to their resellers and their customers. Your customers can easily upgrade from one tier to the next, with a credit applied toward a higher tier from their previous subscription. Being able to provide your customers with superior technical support through Certified eSupport is just one more way eDist Business can help you put yourself ahead of your competitors and increase your ROI, all without doing any heavy lifting. eDist Business is the leading wholesale provider of speech-recognition solutions and we know how to help your business grow. If you want the best selection of business solutions, including Certified eSupport, for the best wholesale pricing available and technical, logistical, and marketing services, eDist Business is your one-stop shop.

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