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Philips offers the best in portable handheld digital recorders, ideal for attorneys to dictate on the go

Philips recorders and software offer solutions for all legal professionals: from corporate legal departments to small and large law firms. Legal professionals often have to handle large amounts of correspondence and documentation daily. Philips dictation solutions support these professionals by making documentation faster and easier.

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Why Offer Philips Dictation Products to Your Legal Customers?

Several top Philips products are ideal for Legal Professionals, making it easier than ever to offer your legal clients the best in workflow management and digital dictation.

Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorder

Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorder


The PocketMemo can help your legal clients manage their workload, lower their administrative costs, and increase their efficiency and profits.

  • File encryption and device PIN lock for high data security.
  • SpeechExec workflow software for efficient data management.
  • 3D Mic system for best audio quality and accurate speech recognition.

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SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder

SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder


The Philips SpeechAir is ideal for people on the go due to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, its integrated camera, and a Gorilla Glass display.

  • Maximum file security with real-time encryption.
  • Camera and barcode scanner allows the attaching of supporting photos and documents to dictations.
  • Power saving feature turns off the SpeechAir when not in use.

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Philips SpeechLive

Philips SpeechLive


The Philips SpeechLive Cloud service can secure dictations during recording, when they are sent for transcription, and during file storage. Ideal for keeping legal documentation safe and secure.

  • Double encryption for state-of-the-art protection in certified data centers.
  • Flexible subscriptions adapt to your business and users.
  • Organize and manage your workflow by assigning properties to files.

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