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Support the switch from analog to digital and watch your profits soar!

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Current market trends show that more professionals are looking to upgrade their dictation equipment. With Olympus' high-grade professional dictation solutions, clients are provided with hassle-free dictation solutions. It has never been easier to make your words work for you thanks to Olympus dictation technology.

Become an authorized Olympus Professional Reseller

Show your customers how easy it is to toss their cassette-based recorders and upgrade to a digital recording device that takes the frustration out of dictation and transcription. eDist has the marketing resources you need to grab the attention of your audience and inspire them to action.

Free Olympus Marketing

What vertical market do you serve?

More than likely the industry you market to has professional clients who either want, need or are looking to upgrade to a professional voice solution. For instance, the Healthcare market is being driven by government mandates to adopt digital technology in order to remove the paper process. Capturing critical patient data at the point of care can now start with the ability to record your voice.

The Legal industry shares similar policies as the healthcare industry with serious repercussions when confidential information is compromised. Olympus voice processing adopted the 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) to protect the legal industry. With Olympus technology every case can start with capturing voice and securely routing that file to the appropriate place whether it be a database or an email.

These examples are only two of the large industries that are demanding voice recognition solutions. Our experienced staff can provide you with case studies, testimonials and marketing collateral demonstrating how Olympus works in the professional markets you serve.

Why Buy Olympus Professional Products from eDist?

No matter the challenge your clients face, eDist has the solution and expertise needed to succeed in professional dictation. With over 41 years of experience and success serving value added resellers, eDist has perfected its system to assist in pre-sales and after sales support. The marketing and technical support specialists, combined with nationwide distribution and order entry and shipping automation, make doing business efficient and profitable for eDist dealers.

When you partner with eDist you can expect to receive:

FREE MARKETING. When you purchase Olympus Professional products through eDist, you receive the choice of free marketing collateral to solidify your company's vision for sales success.

24/7 SUPPORT eDist's Certified e-Support services include options for support such as live chats, request for a callback, direct contact information and ticket submittal for technical support. We are here for you.

No other distributor offers this kind of comprehensive program geared toward your success. Take advantage of this exclusive offer and become an Authorized Olympus Professional Reseller today!

Become an Authorized Olympus Professional Reseller today