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Become an authorized Olympus® Professional Reseller and increase your market reach.

Current market trends show that more professionals are looking to upgrade their dictation equipment. With Olympus' high-grade professional dictation solutions, clients are provided with hassle-free dictation solutions.

It has never been easier to make your words work for you thanks to Olympus dictation technology. More than likely the industry you market to has professional clients who either want, need or are looking to upgrade to a professional voice solution.

Olympus Professional Wholesale Distributor

The NEW Olympus DS-9500 Is Here!

The Olympus DS-9500 provides clients with Wi-Fi capabilities making it easier than ever to capture and share critical information and data.

Olympus DS-7000

Olympus For Legal

With the next generation of digital Professional Dictation Systems from Olympus, the best is even better. Olympus voice processing adopted the 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) to protect the legal industry. With Olympus technology every case can start with capturing voice and securely routing that file to the appropriate place whether it be a database or an email.

The portable handheld digital recorders allow attorneys to dictate on the go, and Olympus' ODMS software automatically routes recordings into the firm's workflow, for either a transcriptionist or speech recognition software can transcribe the recording. This provides attorneys with the a secure, reliable and flexible way to provide the best client service.

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Olympus Dictation System

Olympus For Healthcare

When using an Olympus Professional Dictation System, physicians can dictate their thoughts, creating detailed records in a fraction of the time of typing.

Olympus' dictation and transcription workflow tools streamline the transcription process as well, integrating directly with any facility's workflow and leading speech recognition software. The result is improved record keeping, efficiency and care without significantly increased overhead.

The Olympus DS-7000 integrated seamlessly with Nuance Dragon Medical speech recognition workflow, minimizing the overwhelming workload by cutting the processing time to complete allocated tasks. This also allows you to bundle the two products together to offer your customers a complete transcription plan.

Olympus' Revolutionary Voice Systems provide a bridge to enhance patient documentation of the healthcare system, aligning directly with our customers initiatives: Reduce Costs, Improve Overall Quality of Care & Enhance the Patient Experience.

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Olympus For Business

Offer your customer the Olympus Pro Dictation solution that provides unparalleled efficiency and easy of use in their work environment. With Olympus Professional Dictation Systems or digital voice recorders, professionals are free to fully express their thoughts and create detailed records.

From security to streamlined workflows, Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are the ideal solution for information sharing within a corporate environment.

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Olympus Dictation System

Olympus For Law Enforcement

For law enforcement officials, stakes are high and time is precious. Interviewing victims, suspects and witnesses is a complex process and accuracy is of utmost importance. Olympus Pro Dictation Systems and digital voice recorders offer unparalleled audio quality, enhanced security features and trouble-frees integration with existing software.

Engineered to keep critical recordings safe and private, Olympus Pro Dictation voice recorders offer 256-bit file encryption, four-digit PIN locking, and other advanced security features. This allows you to offer the best in digital recording to those who protect and serve your community.

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eDist Business

Why Buy Olympus Professional Products from eDist?

With over 41 years of experience and success serving value added resellers, eDist has perfected its system to assist in pre-sales and after sales support.

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eDist Business has the solutions and expertise needed to succeed in professional dictation

The marketing and technical support specialists, combined with nationwide distribution and order entry and shipping automation, make doing business efficient and profitable for eDist dealers.

When you partner with eDist you can expect to receive:


When you purchase Olympus Professional products through eDist, you receive the choice of free marketing collateral to solidify your company's vision for sales success.


eDist's Certified e-Support services include options for support such as live chats, request for a callback, direct contact information and ticket submittal for technical support. We are here for you.

No other distributor offers this kind of comprehensive program geared toward your success. Take advantage of this exclusive offer and become an Authorized Olympus Professional Reseller today!

Become an Olympus Professional Reseller