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Create Detailed Records in a Fraction of the Time of Typing with an Olympus® Professional Dictation System

As a reseller of Olympus Dictation Products, you can streamline the workflow for medical practices of all sizes.

Olympus' dictation and transcription workflow tools streamline the transcription process as well, integrating directly with any facility's workflow and leading speech recognition software. The result is improved record- keeping, efficiency, and care without significantly increased overhead. This provides medical practitioners with a secure, reliable, and flexible way to spend more time with their patients, and less time stuck at their desktop typing reports.

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Why Offer Olympus Dictation Products to Your Healthcare Clients?

With Olympus technology, medical practitioners can focus on providing the best care for their patients.

Optimize your healthcare clients' workflows with Olympus

The RecMic II Dictation Device

Offer the best-in-class noise-canceling capabilities over any environment with superior speech recognition accuracy.

The tough antimicrobial body is based on the natural ability of silver ions to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, making this the perfect recorder for medical environments. The RecMic II comes with a dedicated microphone stand, which is useful for dictating while operating other instruments.

  • Intelligent dual microphones suppress unwanted background noise
  • HID Keyboard mode enables plug-and-play experience with 3rd party apps
  • Slide-switch and push-button models available for optimal comfort

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The Olympus DS-9000 & DS-9500 Professional Dictation Recorders

With advanced features including a superior noise-canceling system, best-in-class file encryption, and supreme structural integrity, the DS-9000 and DS-9500 can simplify physician workflow and increase dictation management efficiency. Both handhold recorders integrate seamlessly with Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. This also allows you to bundle the two products together to offer your customers a complete transcription plan.

Olympus DS-9000

The DS-9000

  • Built-in motion sensor allows the user to wake the device by picking it up to immediately start recording
  • The Olympus VCVA technology automatically tracks pauses in a speaker's dictation to save time, power, and recording space

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Olympus DS-9000

The DS-9500

  • Wi-Fi compatibility allows for real-time file sharing with a transcriptionist
  • Triple-layer studio-quality filter ensures accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds, including breath "pops" and wind

Olympus' Revolutionary Voice Systems provide a bridge to enhance the healthcare system, aligning directly with our customers initiatives: Reduce Costs, Improve Overall Quality of Care, and Enhance the Patient Experience.

  • The ODMS workflow solution shares files instantly between physicians, transcriptionists, and managers via a shared folder, email, or FTP
  • Eliminate security risks, audio files are fully protected with automatic 256-bit AED encryption and device lock

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