Olympus DS 7000 Wholesale Pricing

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Become an Olympus DS-7000 reseller and reap the rewards with wholesale pricing
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The Olympus DS-7000 is one of the most advanced digital recording devices

It has earned its place in the dictation and speech recognition markets because of its reliable functionality, useful options, and security features.

The DS-7000 meets the needs of professionals everywhere and offers everything from a USB connection for easy uploading to a large LCD screen for optimal visibility.


The Olympus DS-7000 Comes Packed with
EVEN MORE for Users to Enjoy:


Customization on multiple buttons for quick and easy use


Li-ion battery that outlasts any other digital recorder


Dual card slots that support Micro SD and SD up to 32 GB


Slide-switch for easy recording


File encryption and PIN lock for increased security

the Olympus DS-7000

It's not surprising why so many professionals from multiple industries choose Olympus as their preferred dictation device brand.

The quality of Olympus products and the functionality included in each device has proven over and over that they are the leader in digital recording. The Olympus DS-7000 dominates any recording device market because of its superb design and the way it meets the needs of the busiest professionals.

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