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Become an Authorized Olympus Consumer Reseller

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Authorized Olympus Consumer Reseller

Olympus is focused on improving people's lives through everyday innovation and is a market leader in digital handheld audio recording devices. From business use and journalists, to musicians and students, the Olympus consumer product line features ideal, easy-to-use audio recorders. Ultra high-quality stereo microphones, special sound editing software, user-friendly editing features and voice guidance are among the operational components that make Olympus consumer products a perfect fit for consumers requiring small-scale dictation and transcription. Olympus was the first to introduce the microcassette and then the first to fully transition to digital recording. Today there is still a huge customer base that continues to use the cassette-based machines and need to upgrade to the modern digital devices. Olympus has the solutions to fit every need and budget from the professional to the student.

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eDist Business is the Premier Olympus Distributor that provides the highest value added services available to resellers. Their Olympus digital recording technology experts are the ultimate resource for reseller education and sales support. They offer exclusive benefits to their resellers that include one-on-one pre and post-sales support through training, installation guidance, marketing sponsorships, the ability to resell technical services and installation packages and more. Unlike other wholesalers, eDist has a unique focus in the digital speech processing industry; coupled with over 41 years in the wholesale distribution business, eDist is the only choice when it comes to Olympus digital audio.

Olympus Authorized

The Olympus Authorized Consumer Reseller Program is an Exclusive Program.

Based on the current Olympus policy, resellers are required to become authorized resellers in order to sell Olympus products and services. Authorized resellers are required to strictly adhere to the Unilateral Minimum Advertised Price Policy (UMAPP). This enables market profitability for resellers as they provide the high service level necessary to support the Olympus brand.

Whether it's for small-scale dictation or more robust sound recording, Olympus has a compatible solution. Now is the time to join the exclusive dealer network and eDist can help. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the Olympus application to join this exclusive opportunity. Even if you are a current reseller of the Olympus Professional Dictation Systems, you must complete the U.S. Reseller Registration Portal registration process to request authorization. To access the Authorized Reseller Program registration details, visit or complete the contact form below and an eDist sales representative will contact you with the next steps to access Olympus voice solutions!

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