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Why You Should Become a Nuance Reseller

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Nuance® is the industry leader in speech recognition software and dictation technology and they are able to provide numerous solutions in a continued effort to expedite workflow and increase productivity across a broad spectrum of professions, including legal, healthcare, insurance, public service and safety, and corporate sales.

Become A Nuance Reseller

Nuance® offers top-ranked speech recognition software, like Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4, that allows medical professionals to save time by dictating text instead of laboring over a keyboard and typing away. Speech-to-text time is three times as fast as traditional typing so you can offer your clients time-saving solutions to their speech recognition software needs. The best part is having access to all of the amazing speech recognition solutions that Nuance has to offer.

Voice recognition software is helping professionals in a wide range of fields, especially the healthcare field. Physicians, clinicians, researchers, and administrators alike are seeing results from using Nuance's Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4. They are experiencing increased productivity and a greater ROI than ever before because of the innovative speech solutions offered by Nuance®. Their range of software is intelligent, intuitive, adaptable, accurate, user-friendly, and highly innovative, especially when compared to what has traditionally been used for dictation services. Nuance focuses on speed and accuracy, leaving your clients with more time to focus on the important aspects of their profession, namely their patients.

New and existing resellers can expand into new markets and reach new customers, as the opportunities are limitless. Nuance offers speech recognition software that can be applied to many professions, specifically the medical profession and includes many of the specialty and sub-specialty fields in that profession. Professionals who want to increase efficiency, streamline their workflow, and increase productivity turn to Nuance software, the trusted source for speech recognition solutions. Now is the time for you to offer the full range of Nuance® products, including Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4.

Become a Nuance Reseller with eDist

eDist Business has over 41 years of experience in the wholesale distribution of business-related products and services, such as those that Nuance has to offer you, including Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and the full line of other Dragon software. As a result, eDist Business is able to offer resellers specialized training and technical support throughout your partnership with eDist. eDist can offer technical support to both you, the reseller, and your clients, and we are committed to providing effective and efficient distribution of all of our products to ensure that we have the products you need when you need them.

eDist Business is fully committed to the success of its resellers and will provide you with the necessary resources and support in order for you to thrive and grow in the increasingly dynamic market of speech recognition solutions.

Become A Nuance Reseller