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Label yourself the go to source for home and office organization

As a reseller, you need to be able to provide your customers with a wide range of office solutions, including products to keep them organized, to maintain an edge over your competitors.

So many people list organization as a goal every year. Let this year be the year that give your customers the ability to organize their home and business with a label maker. Offering your customers options that fit their needs and the unique tapes they want puts you a cut above the rest and partnering with eDist Business as a VAR will give you and your customers' access to the best label makers and accessories from Brother and Dymo.

Brother P-Touch Label Makers

Brother P-touch label printers are a fast and effective way to create adhesive-backed labels to organized at home, the office, business, or school. Brother P-touch label makers are designed to print quality, durable labels to fit any need and any budget.

From handheld and desktop models to computer label printers, Brother P-touch labelers produce durable, colorful labels.

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Brother QL-Label Makers

Brother QL Label makers use a Direct Thermal process. There are no ink cartridges to buy or manage. The advantage of direct thermal printing is high quality at lower cost than with thermal transfer method. Due to high-contrast, direct thermal labels are widely used for printing automatically scanned data like bar codes. This makes them very popular for shopping purposes, as store price labels, name tags and more. Brother QL Label makers use a Direct Thermal process. There are no ink cartridges to buy or manage.

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Dymo Label makers

Keep everything in its place - or make it trackable. With DYMO® labels, you can easily tag your inventory, supplies and more. With the Rhino industrial line of label makers installers can print labels that meet industry standards with products that stand up to tough conditions.

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