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We have everything you need to see success!

eDist Business is committed to providing their network of resellers with the tools that are needed in order to see success in whatever eDist product line they choose to sell.

With so many professional markets in need of basic business and dictation products and services, eDist has a list of tools that resellers can take advantage of in order to meet the needs of their customers.

Online eDist Business Catalog »

The eDist Business Catalog is your one-stop shopping experience for all products provided by eDist Business including products and services from our largest manufacturing partner such as Brother, Olympus, Philips and Nuance.

Access the eDist Marketing Portal »

The eDist Marketing holds a number of marketing pieces and collateral that can be used by resellers in order to launch the promotion of a new product line, create a special marketing campaign for a target audience or get ready for the next trade show.

View our Closeouts »

Discontinued or closeout products are listed here for exceptionally low prices. Check out the selection of products we have listed here.

View eDist Tiered Support »

eDist's site is your resource for technical support related to products and services available for purchase through eDist. From recorded training sessions to live chat session and FAQ's, you'll find everything you need to provide the proper support to your clientele with eDist purchased products.

View the eDist Product Knowledgebase »

Looking for more information about the product you just purchased from eDist or are thinking of using eDist to purchase and resell? The product knowledgebase can assist you in learning about the product, how to use it, what the technical specs are related to it and what makes it stand out against the competition.

Web Order Entry System »

eDist provides a web order portal for your convenience. Use this portal to place your orders or use your previous order history to place reorders. With the web order portal, you can now make your purchases on your own time without having to rely an eDist sales rep to be available on the phone.