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The Lifeblood of Office Equipment!

If you sell printers or fax machines as part of your existing line of office equipment, chances are high your customers also need an endless supply of toner, drums, and inkjet cartridges, which turns into a constant profit stream for you. Major manufacturers of printers and fax machines, like Brother, make up to 70% their profits, or close to $20 billion, from sales of their toner, drums, and inkjet cartridges and, as a VAR, you could be bringing in a large part of those profits for your own business.

Resellers consistently need to diversify their offerings to their customers and expand into markets that provide ongoing revenue streams, such as supplying toner, drums, and inkjet cartridges, as well as providing maintenance and support for the products that require them. Every vertical market, from medical to automotive to legal and everything in between, still use printers and fax machines to create physical documentation. To stay competitive, VARs need to expand into all of these markets.

Brother Toner, Drums, and Inkjet Cartridges

Through extensive testing, Brother has developed the highest quality toner, drums, and inkjet cartridges available today that deliver sharp, high-resolution image quality. With superior bonding power, Brother toner provides not only beautiful color images, but also grey-scale and solid fill images that, when combined with their polymeric binder, result in stunning glossy images.

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Original Products Deliver Outstanding Profits

eDist Business, the leading wholesale distributor of Brother toner, drums, and inkjet cartridges, sells only original products. Many of your customers may experiment with off-brand or refilled ink and toner cartridges and drums, but they'll soon discover that the quality is inferior and only Brother can deliver the highest-quality images and texts.

We provide our VARs with the lowest wholesale pricing on Brother products, easy web order entry, superior customer and technical support, and boutique-style marketing services that are tailored to each individual reseller, so you're not alone when you reach out to your existing and new customers. eDist Business can even provide you with collateral that is specific to your company to present to your customers at trade shows and service calls!

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