Dragon Professional for Insurance Industry

Industry-leading speech solutions for the insurance industry.

Take the Pain Out of Making a Claim with Dragon® Professional

With increased claims, quotas, and pressure to create accurate documentation, claims agents, insurance adjusters, and insurance investigators are turning to speech recognition solutions to solve these problems.

Dragon® Professional Group and Dragon® Professional Individual are amazing speech recognition solutions that can help any insurance agency—no matter what size it is—grow and expand above and beyond forecasted industry growth rates.

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Dragon® Professional Group or Individual Ensures Critical Documentation is Accurate

The software enables agents to create documents three times faster than typing, all with 99% accuracy. This highly adaptable resource can be tailored specifically to the insurance industry. Your individual agents, adjusters, and investigators can also customize their software to include words and phrases they use most frequently to further streamline their workflows.

Dragon Professional Individual

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Dragon® Professional Individual can be purchased through eDist at wholesale prices for resellers looking to offer this product in their stores, both online and offline. Dragon Professional wholesale pricing is only offered through eDist because of it's longstanding partnership with Nuance®, and we want to pass those benefits on to you.



Sell at regular market prices and make a considerable profit per unit. This is how you can grow your business and bring in higher revenue.



Products ship to your customer the same day throughout the US and Canada, even if you don't have a warehouse.



Extensive and ongoing training and certification opportunities offered by eDist Voice Solutions.



Get the best wholesale pricing whenever and wherever with easy 24/7 online web order entry.



Customer and technical support for both you and your clients, alleviating the need for you to provide technical support for your clients. We even offer after-hours and weekend support. Let eDist do the hard work for you.



Create a larger client base and delve further into niche market opportunities. Our dedicated marketing agency knows how to deliver a message with impact and help clients reach their goals—and they are at your service.

We are fully committed to the success of our resellers. With a history of rooted continuous improvement and a future driven by technology, we constantly focus on staying up to date with the latest technology developments in order to help our clients evolve, thrive, and succeed.

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