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When every detail matters, use the worlds's most accurate transcription software. Nuance Dragon Law Enforcement

Why You Should Become a Dragon® Legal Reseller

Documentation is such a vital component of the legal process. We can make it easier.

Legal professionals are always creating documents or sifting through pages and pages of documentation.

It's tedious to write one document after another and look through information in other documents. Luckily, Nuance® - a voice processing company - has developed powerful software to meet the exact needs of legal professionals.

Dragon® Legal provides all the functionality legal professionals need to speed up the documentation process without losing any accuracy.

Dragon Legal Individual allows professionals to create and manage legal documents through the power of their voice, which is three times faster than typing on a keyboard. By offering Dragon® Legal Individual or Dragon® Legal Group, you are providing a winning strategy to new and existing clients with the software proven to meet the needs of legal professionals.

Become a Nuance® Reseller with eDist

Dragon® Legal Individual can be purchased through eDist at wholesale prices for resellers looking to offer this product in their stores, both online and offline. Dragon® Legal wholesale pricing is only offered through eDist because of our long-lasting partnership with Nuance - and we want to pass those benefits on to you.



Sell at regular market prices and make considerable profit per unit. Find the best wholesale pricing available with easy web order entry and bring in a higher revenue.



We offer logistical support throughout the US and Canada, so your product ships to your customer the same day, even if you don't have your own warehouse.


Tech Support

Receive comprehensive customer and technical support for both you and your clients, alleviating the need for you to provide technical support for your clients. Let eDist do the work!



Utilize marketing services tailored to your business to help you create a larger client base and delve further into niche market opportunities.


Exclusive Training & Certification Opportunities

Enjoy extensive and ongoing training and certification opportunities, offered exclusively by eDist Business.

We are fully committed to the success of our resellers and will provide you with the necessary resources and support in order for you to thrive and grow in the increasingly dynamic market of speech recognition solutions.

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