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Like calculators, telephones are a legacy product and, in business environments of all types, including medical, legal, insurance, public safety, finance, retail, and more, telephones are the chosen method of communication. Even with email, mobile phones, and text messaging, the easiest and most effective way to get your point across is through a short telephone call on a reliable product. In fact, over 90% of business is still conducted via phone and email.

When you really want to get business done, you know a phone call is the easiest way to do so. Landlines ensure solid reception, no matter where you are in the building, and eDist Business carries the leading manufacturers of office telephones and headsets available today. Insightful resellers will see a sizable ROI by offering the best telephones available to their current and new customers.


Plantronics develops and manufactures headsets, amplifiers, Bluetooth microphones, and accessories that are ideal for business professionals of all sorts, from 9-to-5 businesses to high-volume call centers, customer service centers, and telemarketing agencies. Plantronics began by developing and manufacturing headsets for airline pilots and today they continue to manufacture superior headsets and microphones with crystal clear sound quality.

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Manufacturers of the revolutionary BlueParrot Bluetooth technology, VXI headsets, both wired and wireless, offer users amazing background noise-cancelling technology, up to 95% in some cases, and an ergonomic design that users find comfortable and easy to wear all day long.

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Andrea Electronics

For over 80 years, Andrea Electronics has been developing microphones, headsets, and accessories that are innovative, high quality, and competitively priced. Their far field stereo array microphones ensure that every word, every utterance, every sound is transmitted for transcription and clear and accurate communication. Their headsets incorporate similarly advanced technology, all at a reasonable price.

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eDist Business is the leading wholesale provider of telephones and communication devices in North America and has been for over 25 years. Thanks to long-standing relationships with the highest-quality telecommunications manufacturers, eDist Business can offer resellers access to a wide range of products at the lowest wholesale pricing. But eDist Business offers their resellers more than just products! eDist Business provides resellers with boutique-style marketing services tailored to your business, logistical support so products get to customers quickly, and the best, most comprehensive technical and customer support for resellers and their customers.

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