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Sky High Profits

The Cloud is the future of software and sky-high profits for resellers of speech-recognition solutions, like Olympus and Philips. The Cloud makes it easy for users to access their information from anywhere, anytime, and from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. With no in-house server to deal with and instant access to the latest upgrades and updates, your customers will love Cloud-based software over traditional software options. For a monthly fee, your customers can easily store and access tremendous amounts of data that is stored safely and securely.

For VARs, that monthly fee turns into a regular revenue stream, which spells out higher profits in the end. In fact, by 2016, Cloud-based software is expected to realize profits of over $100 billion dollars and increase exponentially in just a few short years. Cloud-based software, or SaaS (Software as a Service), is finding its way into every industry, including medical, legal, insurance, finance, retail, and many other verticals that mean resellers have great potential for expansion.

Cloud-based Speech-Recognition Solutions Are Here

eDist Business has the latest and best Cloud-based speech-recognition software solutions, offered to their VARs at the lowest wholesale pricing, for any size business.

Olympus Dictation App

  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, the Olympus Dictation App allows users to create voice recordings from anywhere and send them securely back to their Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS)
  • Streamline workflows on the go as this app can help users directly route their voice recordings to transcriptionists, speech-recognition software, or into a secure archive

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Olympus and BigHand

  • BigHand's Cloud-based software gives smaller and solo law firms a budget-conscious way to integrate speech-recognition solutions by eliminating the need for in-house servers while still providing them with customizable options
  • With the purchase of the BigHand Professional dictation annual subscription, users can enjoy unlimited voice-to-text transcription and the benefits of a secure environment to easily store and access their client documentation
  • Fast voice-to-text turnaround time helps users increase efficiency, streamline workflow, and decrease time spent in front of a computer

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Philips Speech Processing

Philips Speechlive

  • Create and send double-encrypted dictations from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, to a secure SpeechDrive in the Cloud that always has the latest updated version of the software
  • Easy web-based installation and seamless integration with all Philips dictation devices, including the Pocket Memos, SpeechMikes, and SpeechExec dictation recorders for all smartphones, and Philips SpeechExec software makes implementation easy
  • Different subscription options that allow users to choose commitment periods and upgrade the number of users to accommodate up to 25 users are available

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Philips SpeechExec Mobile

  • SpeechExec Dictation Hub service puts speech-recognition in the palm of your hand, turning any smartphone into a dictation device that connects to a pre-determined email address for transcription
  • This low cost license for this app saves money and time, especially when compared to the cost of in-house server installation, support, and maintenance. The app works seamlessly with Philips SpeechExec software, making integration a breeze

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Technical Support

With tiered levels of technical support, Certified eSupport has a plan to suit all of your customers' technical support needs. Resellers with eDist Business have access to the knowledgebase of Certified eSupport, which includes trainings, videos, guides, webinars, and more about Dragon, Philips, Olympus, and other speech-recognition software and dictation hardware providers. Resellers can offer their customers Certified eSupport and know that their customers are getting expert answers and technical support, any time, day or night.

Tier One

An annual subscription to Tier One gives members access to live chat for instant technical support, access to the knowledgebase that provides them with tools to use and maximize the software, and an efficient ticketing system with a 24-hours or less turnaround time for specific hardware and software issues that can't be resolved immediately.

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Tier Two

An annual subscription to Tier Two gives members a more personalized level of technical support, offering all the benefits of Tier One, plus four hours of personalized training conducted using desktop streaming services. If users understand the basics and want to learn more about maximizing their speech-recognition software and dictation hardware, Tier Two lets users schedule training sessions on their schedule, from their own location, which saves time and money while getting to know more about the software.

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Tier Three

An annual subscription to Tier Three gives members all the benefits of Tier One and Tier Two, plus consultation, training, and customization to help users customize their speech-recognition software and streamline their workflows for maximum efficiency. Certified eSupport's expert technical support team shows Tier Three members how to access hundreds of customization options and design a truly automated digital documentation system

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Tier Four

An annual subscription to Tier Four gives members all the benefits of Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three, plus on-site services. A Certified eSupport technician will come to the user's location for full-service installation, configuration, customization, training, and will provide ongoing technical and customer support after the on-site service calls, which are, of course, scheduled to the user's convenience. Tier Four is the most comprehensive level of technical service and support offered by Certified eSupport

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Members can upgrade to the next support tier at any time and their account will be credited with the cost of the previous purchase to make upgrading more cost-effective when users decide they would like to maximize their speech-recognition software, like Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 13, and their dictation hardware.

Take your profits soaring with eDist

eDist Business, the leading wholesale distributor worldwide of Cloud-based speech-recognition software, offers its resellers training, technical and customer support, and other value-added services to enable resellers to expand their product line to include this incredible new and growing software platform. Partnering with eDist Business means that resellers have access to the lowest wholesale pricing on Cloud-based software and the product training and support to help their customers implement it with ease.

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