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Legacy Products Add
Up to Big Profits!

While calculators may seem like legacy products, business professionals are still using these products every day. The ease of use of a desktop calculator is far superior to an app on a smartphone and business professionals value efficiency and a streamlined workflow. As a reseller, you need to be able to provide your customers with a wide range of office solutions, including legacy products, to maintain an edge over your competitors.

Calculators still constitute multi-million dollar industries. Calculators are still staples in the insurance, finance, academia, and retail fields. Partnering with eDist Business as a VAR will give you and your customers' access to the best names in calculators and, therefore, access to this profitable market.

More Info About Wholesale Calculators


Offering both handheld and printing calculators, Canon calculators come in a wide variety to suit the needs of students, accountants, office personnel, and more! Canon printing calculators feature an ergonomic design made for efficiency and provide two-color printouts. Several of Canon's handheld calculators are made from 100% recycled plastic, which eco-friendly users love, while still maintaining excellent functionality and durability. Canon calculators range from basic handheld calculators for students and the average consumer to calculators that can figure in tax or provide users with the grand total. For the future physicists out there, Canon's scientific calculators give them all the functions they need and more.

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Casio is one of the most widely recognized names in quality calculators, due in part to their commitment to develop and manufacture calculators that range from basic to increasingly complex. Casio recently launched a scientific calculator with spreadsheet capability and continues to innovate. Whether it's a graphing, printing, or handheld calculator, Casio calculators have easy-to-read displays and supreme functionality.

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Monroe calculators are suitable for high-usage office environments where Monroe's heavy-duty feature helps prolong the life of their desktop printing calculators. For accounting departments and tax handlers, Monroe calculators are the first choice because of their durability, quick functionality, and patented internal paper roll that ensures smooth, high-quality printouts.

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From desktop printing calculators with easy-to-read displays and ultra-fast functioning to handheld calculators that include scientific calculators and educational calculators that help students improve their math skills, Sharp calculators have something for every consumer. Large businesses appreciate the durability, speed, and quality of the desktop printing calculator, like the EL-1750V, and students love the multi-function capabilities of the scientific calculator, the EL-531XBGR. Sharp calculators are developed and manufactured with a wide range of users in mind!

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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments, the top manufacturer of graphing calculators and scientific handheld calculators, has over 40,000 patents and has been developing microprocessors for nearly 50 years. Texas Instruments calculators are the leading consumer calculator on the market today. The TI-Nspireā?¢ CX Handheld graphing calculator features a backlit color display and has functions that support both math and science, all while giving the user the ability to make notes and analyze data. For the average consumer, Texas Instruments has developed a wide range of calculators, including the TI-15, an educational calculator to help children develop their math and problem-solving abilities, and the BAII Plusā?¢ Professional, the number one professional calculator that has been upgraded to include additional features, like calculation possibilities for Net Future Value, Modified Duration, and Payback.

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For nearly one hundred years, Victor has been manufacturing calculators to suit the needs of every consumer. From desktop printing calculators to handheld scientific calculators and everything in between, Victor manufacturers a calculator to suit your customers' needs.

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Adler Royal

Adler Royal produces classic desktop printing calculators that feature an easy-to-use and familiar interface and quick, two-color printing. A number of other features, such as a grand total memory and an item counter, make Adler Royal calculators ideal for shop owners and other retailers.

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HP manufactures high-quality scientific, financial, and business calculators that are widely used in accounting, economics, universities, financial institutions, and in general office settings because of HP's reputation for manufacturing durable, long-lasting office products.

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Cash In On Big Profits From Legacy Products

Calculators and typewriters are indispensable to business professionals, law enforcement agencies, local and state government agencies, and students across the country. How can you become a reseller of calculators and typewriters? Partner with eDist Business, the leading wholesale distributor of business solutions, especially legacy products like typewriters and calculators, and, as a VAR, you will have access to the best wholesale pricing available, along with first-rate customer service and technical support that are there to help you expand your business exponentially!

Become an eDist Business reseller today!