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Brother makes $$$ and sense

Brother is known worldwide for producing and selling only the finest office supply products. Whether its printers, label makers or fax machines, Brother sets the standard in both value and quality by offering the most reliable, user-friendly office supply products on the market.

As a distributor of genuine Brother products, eDist is the only wholesale distributor in North America that stocks the Stampcreator Pro!

Brother Tapecreator (BRT-TP-M5000N)

Brother Tapecreator BRT-TP-5000M

With the Brother Tapecreator you can create adhesive packing and shipping tape with personalized logos, photos, and custom messaging on demand. A great tool for any business looking to build their brand through a unique method or for corporate functions, parties, novelty use, weddings you name it!

Now you can tell your customers to place their custom orders while they shop in your store and in minutes they can be walking out with their own custom-printed tape. This is all possible with the new Brother Tapecreator. It's fast, easy, and a unique way to increase your revenue for custom office products.

The new Brother Tapecreator, it's fast, affordable, and versatile.

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Brother Stampcreator Pro

Resell Brother Stampcreator

Stampcreator Pro is just one more example of Brother's commitment to product evolution and innovation. The ability to create custom pre-inked stamps is now available to anyone and can be incorporated into any business model. No longer will customers have to wait or choose between limited text and images. Instead, Stampcreator Pro offers a completely customizable option that allows for nearly any graphic, text, photo or logo to be transformed into a pre-inked stamp!

In short, Stampcreator Pro creates an instant additional cash flow for businesses and is an easy and quick way to grow your Brother business.

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Custom stamps in 15 minutes or less.

Genuine Brother Supplies

Brother strongly recommends using genuine Brother supplies to create the best results and product experience. Brother printing systems will provide optimum performance when used with Brother printer cartridges, stamps and label tape. Brother ink has been researched and developed based on over 100 ink elements and is integral in creating the highest quality documents, labels and stamps as part of a complete Brother system. Only genuine Brother supplies can guarantee the quality, integrity and reliability that people have come to expect from a Brother office machine.

Resell Genuine Brother Supplies

  • eDist only sells genuine Brother products
  • Brother is a trusted brand
  • eDist is a trusted value added distributor

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Brother Stampcreator Marketing

What can eDist offer your business?

eDist Business is a value added wholesale distributor that prides itself on distributing only the finest and most trustworthy office products and supplies. With this commitment, eDist has partnered with Brother to offer the industry's leading office products and supplies at wholesale prices backed by value added service that can help you grow a more profitable Brother business.

There are, of course, a myriad of sub-par and generic alternatives to genuine Brother products, but why take the risk of selling a 'knock off' that over time will most likely break? Don't risk dissatisfied customers by increasing their long-term expenses with lower quality products and supplies. Use the most trusted name in the industry, and only resell the full line of quality Brother products.

eDist offers its resellers wholesale pricing on the complete line of Brother products including labeling equipment, printing equipment, and of course, the Stampcreator Pro.

Don't wait; start maximizing your profits now. To learn more, contact eDist today.

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If selling Brother products isn't enough to increase your bottom line, then you need good marketing from a value added distributor like eDist. We've partnered with a marketing firm that houses some of the industry's best graphic design, public relations and content management professionals.

The best part - Marketing services are FREE to qualified resellers - yes, FREE

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