Become a value added reseller

Nuance VAR, Olympus VAR, Philips VAR

eDist is a leading distributor in North America for major vendors of voice processing technology such as Nuance, Olympus and Philips. Voice processing technology is growing in popularity as it benefits professionals in all fields to improve workflow. eDist does not simply push products across North America to resellers. Instead, eDist partners with resellers across the continent to equip them to grow their businesses with each new product line.

Your Role with eDist

eDist has 41 years of distributing experience and is one of the world's leaders in distributing voice processing technology. Become a value-added reseller for any of the major vendors eDist works with and incorporate products that professionals want to purchase. When you partner to resell products, you will be guaranteed a thorough business plan to optimize your current business including:

  • Marketing strategies and supplies at no expense to you. eDist wants to work with you to focus on the right consumer base to maximize your sales.
  • Specialized support so communication is constant between you (the reseller) and eDist. Professionals are always ready to collaborate, provide advice, and solve any issues you may have
  • Professional training throughout the reselling processing to keep you updated on products and how they function. Experts will train you on how to demonstrate the products to prospective clients and what each product offers a client.

Start Reselling Today with eDist Business

eDist wants to help you build your product lines with the technology professionals are looking for. Products distributed through eDist are targeted for specific markets including journalism, business, legal and medical professions. Maximize your sales, profits and business as a whole by partnering with eDist today.