Technical Services

Profits Without Pain

Providing technical support for all the speech-recognition and business solutions you offer your customers can be time-consuming, not to mention costly since it usually means having IT support on staff.

You can save yourself time and money by using Certified eSupport, a technical support resource for you and your customers. With tiered levels of technical support for all the products eDist Business has to offer, you can rest assured that your customers will get all the answers they need, without you having to do a thing. By offering this service to your customers, not only will you have more time to build your client base and sell speech-recognition and business solutions, you'll also be providing them with an additional level of customer service that is unparalleled.

Certified eSupport is an exclusive service for reseller partners, and their customers, with eDist Business. Resellers get access to the extensive knowledgebase, which has invaluable product information, FAQs, webinars, and more, to help answer a wide range of technical questions. In addition to that, you and your customers have access to the entire Certified eSupport staff, who will give you an answer to your question if it's not on the knowledgebase.

Technical Support Made Easy

eDist Business is the only wholesaler that can provide exclusive access to Certified eSupport to their resellers and their customers. Your customers can easily upgrade from one tier to the next, with a credit applied toward a higher tier from their previous subscription. Being able to provide your customers with superior technical support through Certified eSupport is just one more way eDist Business can help you put yourself ahead of your competitors and increase your ROI, all without doing any heavy lifting. eDist Business is the leading wholesale provider of speech-recognition solutions and we know how to help your business grow. If you want the best selection of business solutions, including Certified eSupport, for the best wholesale pricing available and technical, logistical, and marketing services, eDist Business is your one-stop shop.

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