Professional Dictation Wholesale

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Professional dictation devices are part of a billion dollar industry that is only on the rise. In order to sell professional dictation devices, resellers must be authorized by the manufacturer to sell these advanced products. These business solutions are truly sold by professionals to professionals. Companies utilizing professional dictation devices, like those made by Olympus and Philips are heavy-volume users and resellers are part of an elite group of product specialists who have the training, knowledge, and capability of selling to them.

As government regulations mandate that more industries employ speech-recognition solutions, which require professional dictation devices, the client base for these products is growing exponentially, including the healthcare, legal, and insurance verticals. Big business needs professional dictation solutions and resellers who supply them are in high demand.

Here are just a few of the features of these revolutionary speech recognition solutions:


A leading provider of user-friendly professional dictation devices for legal, healthcare, business, and law enforcement verticals, Olympus has a professional dictation device for everyone. They have portable models that allow users to dictate on the go and even control with their smartphones and their USB models integrate seamlessly into the top speech-recognition software, like Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal, Professional, and Premium.

In industries where time is money, Olympus' professional dictation devices save people time to help them make money. Resellers with the training and knowledge to provide this product become invaluable and realize big profits.

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The SpeechMike and SpeechMike Air are the most widely used professional dictation devices in the healthcare industry today. They work seamlessly with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and their ergonomic design and integrated trackball make for easy one-handed usage.

The SpeechMike Air lets users go wireless and dictate from anywhere or users can connect to SpeechExec, a Cloud-based speech-recognition software platform for dictation management, via smartphone. The integrated barcode scanner on the LFH-3600 and 2610 models lets users assign barcodes to patients for easy patient file identification and updating. The anti-microbial surface makes it suitable for clinical environments. This professional dictation device is giving healthcare professionals everywhere more time for quality patient care.

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How To Become One Of the Elite Resellers of Professional Dictation Solutions

eDist Business is the largest distributor in the world of professional dictation products and, as such, we offer the largest support network to help resellers make the sale and support their clients from beginning to end. eDist Business provides the necessary training and certification to resellers that the manufacturers require in order to sell these revolutionary products to high-volume customers. This is professional dictation at its finest and eDist Business can provide you with the knowledge and the product. eDist Businesses' resellers are poised to make big profits and secure their place in a rapidly growing market. Expanding your product line means expanding your profit margins where speech-recognition solutions are concerned. Being a part of the eDist VAR community allows you access to in-depth product knowledge and technical training for you and your clients. These are just a few of the value added services provided to you by eDist.

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