Dragon Maintenance

Maintenance Moves the Needle

Dragon Maintenance is a year-to-year OEM technical support and upgrade assurance package, and it can be sold with several editions of the Nuance speech-recognition solution – on both the Windows and Mac platforms. This booming service upsell generates in excess of three hundred million dollars in revenue, with over one hundred thousand customers enrolled annually, spanning the medical, legal, law enforcement, insurance, and education verticals. In other words, there's plenty of customer demand to go around, and room for VARs to grow this category in their particular market.

Maintenance is a superb add-on opportunity for new Dragon sales. Price-conscious customers will be receptive to a low-cost option that provides them technical assistance and software upgrades. VARs will gain more freedom to sell, a source of renewable revenue, and a 20% margin.

Customer support and retention functions, such as maintenance, are essential to drive profitability, because they facilitate new user adoption and encourage renewals. Ultimately, VARs who keep customers' software up-to-date and provide a pathway to support lower their own costs.

VARs who sell Dragon Maintenance have the added benefit of improving their customer retention. By furnishing the means to ensure optimal product performance, they will experience fewer complaints, higher customer ratings, and more repeat business.

A Nuance Maintenance Agreement is currently available for these editions of the Dragon speech recognition software:

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition

  • Nuance's flagship speech-recognition application
  • Covers over 90 medical specialties
  • Integrates with current EMR technology
  • Enables a range of configurations, from simple to sophisticated

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Dragon Legal

  • Transforms dictated client documentation into text efficiently
  • Pairs with professional applications for an author-transcriptionist workflow
  • Uses French and Latin legal terminology properly
  • Understands case law references, for citing precedence

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Dragon Professional

  • Speech-to-text support for police officers, insurance adjusters, and more
  • Includes a general vocabulary that can be tailored for any need
  • Flexible enough to accommodate a variety of customizations
  • Meets government compliance requirements for accessibility

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Dragon for Mac

  • Ideal for students, journalists, and researchers
  • Transcribes recordings from other speakers
  • Enables hands-free voice control in Gmail

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Increase your profits and align with support

Remember, when you sell Dragon Maintenance through eDist Business, not only do you increase your profits, but you also get the support of an agile and robust distribution network. We offer a number of unique advantages to VARs within this category, including:

  • Dedicated Account Manager - If you have a question about an invoice, or need to make an order, we're there for you. Should you need some help with a customer issue, we're there for you, too. Not only do we provide sales support, but also show you how to generate leads and position yourself in the marketplace, helping you build your business.
  • Marketing Assistance - Consider that eDist Business has partnered with LW Marketing to provide custom marketing and branding for all of your sales needs. We'll supply landing pages, custom videos, HTML emails, flyers, and other collateral to get you the kind of exposure you need to show up on your customers' radars. Use these resources to introduce products, offer promotions and incentives, as well as tailor information directly to a client's field of interest. We even have kits ready for your next sales visit or trade show.
  • Web Ordering - Our web order entry system allows you to find the Dragon Maintenance package that's right for any particular sale, whether it's a new purchase or an upgrade. And we'll send you a notification to let you know when it's near time to connect with your client to discuss renewal.

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