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Input devices, like headsets, voice recorders, and USB microphones, are a quickly growing industry. In fact, since 2012, the industry has grown 17% and is expected to expand from there, as more and more people, from professionals to the average consumer, adopt these technologies. It is forecast that, by 2017; over 41% of headphones will come with integrated microphones. Business professionals in the legal, medical, and insurance fields and musicians, journalists, gamers, and podcasters are already in the market for the best-input devices for their respective needs.

eDist Businesses' resellers who sell input devices are poised to make big profits and secure their place for future sales of these devices in this rapidly growing market. VARs who are able to offer a wide variety of input devices in addition to speech-recognition software can provide their current and new customers with everything they need to implement speech-recognition solutions to their offices and homes. Expanding your product line means expanding your profit margins where speech-recognition solutions are concerned. Being a part of the eDist VAR community allows you access to in-depth product knowledge and technical training for you and your clients. These are just a few of the value added services provided to you by eDist.

Input Devices To Suit Everyone

Offer your growing customer base the latest in input devices, produced by companies that have been developing and refining dictation devices for speech-recognition solutions, Bluetooth headsets for professional and consumer use, and voice recorders for dictation on the go.

Here are just a few of the features of these revolutionary speech recognition solutions:

Nuance - The PowerMic III

  • Features USB connectivity and an ergonomic design that enables users to dictate, navigate, edit, and review dictated digital documentation all with thumb controls
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with DragonĀ® Medical Practice Edition, this dictation device gives healthcare professionals the power to save time and money, all while instantaneously creating HIPAA-compliant digital documentation

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Olympus Professional Voice Recorders

  • The DS-9000 and AS-9000 are perfect for healthcare, legal, insurance, and other business professionals on the go, delivering crystal clear voice recordings thanks to speech-optimized microphones. All voice recordings are encrypted so users can rest assured that their recordings are secure and, since both recorders have received the highest rating from Dragon, integrating these devices with Dragon Speech Recognition.

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Olympus USB Microphones

  • The RecMic II features an ergonomic design with an easy-to-use trackball that makes navigation with one hand easy. The low-noise directional microphone ensures that users' dictations are clear and easy to understand, with a minimum of background noise. Both voice recorders have received the highest Dragon rating and are compatible with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

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Olympus Consumer Recorders

  • Olympus Digital Recorders provide superior sound, convenient file management and extended recording time. Many models have the ability to quickly transfer audio files to a computer via USB, PC connection or removable media. Combine the power of Olympus Digital recorders with transcription devices for a complete solution that integrates into any office workflow.

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Philips SpeechMike

  • The most advanced dictation devices available today that feature a variety of functions that is currently the most widely used dictation device in the healthcare industry, including an ergonomic design created to eliminate device noises when in use and to help reduce surfaces where bacteria may accumulate, making it suitable for clinical environments. The SpeechMike Air lets users step away from the computer while the SpeechMike Premium LFH-3600 series has an integrated bar code scanner, which allows users to easily link patients to a designated bar code, streamlining workflow

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Philips Professional Voice Recorders

  • Even users who are accustomed to analog voice recorders have found the Philips Pocket Memo 6000 and 7000 series digital recorders easy to use since the design, or classic mode, is modeled after analog recorders but delivers digital voice recordings. With both slide-switch and push-button models available, users will enjoy long battery life and improved scrolling functionality, especially in the 8000 series

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Philips Meeting Recorders

  • The DVT-8000 is a compact meeting recorder with noise-free audio quality and a 360-degree microphone so users don't miss a word in their meetings. Just press "Record" on the wireless remote and every word is captured for easy transcription of meeting minutes, client meetings, and more

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Philips - Consumer Voice Recorders

  • The DVT-6500 is perfect for musicians who want a high-fidelity recording in MP3 format for easy editing and file sharing. Smaller and solo law firms have been learning about the benefits of the DVT-8000 Compact Meeting Recorder for client meetings, interviews, and depositions. Both models are priced for the average consumer user

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  • VXI's Bluetooth and wired headsets all share similar but incredible features, like superior noise canceling abilities, in some cases up to 95% of all background noise, and a comfortable design, whether it fits over or behind the user's head or is an earpiece. The Bluetooth capable headsets, like the B250-XT+, have long-lasting batteries and a range that exceeds other Bluetooth headsets by nearly double, up to 66 feet. Their quality headsets are used in telecommunications, call centers, and larger office buildings around the world

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  • Plantronics began as a company that designed and manufactured headsets for aviation and has developed its line of high quality headsets from there. Plantronics recognizes that business professionals are increasingly working off-site and telephone calls are still the number one most effective means of business communication so it has designed its products for maximum comfort, wearability, and sound quality

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Andrea Electronics

  • Known for their signature noise canceling microphones, Andrea is a longtime producer of high fidelity headsets. Their array microphones have digital sound processing (DSP) and produce clear audio and audio recordings for the conversational user or a business professional working remotely

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  • The xTag™ USB Wireless Microphone frees users from their computers and allows them to dictate or participate in web-based meetings with clear audio delivered to the listener. Users can wear the microphone conveniently on a lanyard around their necks and a small earpiece, eliminating headsets, headphones, and transmitters. It is fully HIPAA-compliant so users can include professionals in healthcare as well as other business professionals

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