Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Can Streamline Your Medical Practice

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the most advanced speech recognition software available for small but growing medical practices everywhere.

Your investment in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 gives you the capability to streamline your workflow while increasing your ROI by providing you with tools that no other speech recognition software can, like:

  • 99% accuracy, regional accent recognition, and medical vocabularies for over 90 medical specialties and sub-specialties, so you can use your own words to fill out patient records
  • Customizable and basic macros that make transcription effortless by reducing the time you have to repeat common words and phrases
  • Complete HIPAA compliance so your patients' records are secure and private
  • Seamless integration with your existing EHR
  • Integration with a wide variety of dictation hardware, including the PowerMic II, and with your mobile devices, like iPhone and Android
  • Instantaneous creation of digital files so you spend less time at the computer and more time with your patients

Grow Your Medical Practice with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Nuance's Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the industry leader in speech recognition software and Nuance has you and your medical practice in mind.

Physicians who use the software can use their own words to record patient history, update their records and treatments plans, and give detailed notes, all without laboring over a keyboard. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is faster, easier, offers a more user-friendly experience, and is more comprehensive than any other speech recognition software. All of these benefits and more, such as training, ongoing customer and technical support, and working with a qualified reseller, can be yours.

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