Consumer Dictation

Consumer dictation devices can expand your market as a reseller outside the office environment and into the average consumer market that includes students, writers, field reporters, musicians, and more.

Your customers who are accustomed to using professional dictation devices in the workplace realize how dictation devices can save time and increase efficiency and, frequently, they like to take advantage of those benefits in their everyday lives as well but don't want to pay for the higher-priced professional dictation devices.

Consumer dictation devices, like those made by Olympus and Philips, are made to suit the needs of the average user, meaning they are user-friendly, ergonomic, and budget conscious. For resellers, that means becoming part of a billion-dollar a year market that is asking for these handheld speech-recognition products.


Olympus manufactures consumer dictation devices and accessories, such as cases, cords, adaptors, and microphones, with quality and price points in mind for the average consumer. Olympus makes consumer dictation devices for musicians that produce superior quality recordings of songs, sessions, and gigs. Their other consumer dictation devices give students the ability to record lectures, meetings, group project planning sessions, and to make voice notes so they can stay on top of their studies and excel.

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Philips is the leading manufacturer of consumer dictation devices and offers a wide variety of speech solutions to consumers, including recorders, transcribers, and conference recording devices. Philips is the only manufacturer of analog (tape-based) dictation devices today. Philips consumer dictation devices are great for students, everyday users, and small business owners. Philips headsets, microphones, and foot-pedal controlled dictation devices help consumers to organize their lives and their small businesses without the investment costs of professional dictation devices.

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For Everyone Everywhere, Dictation Devices Are In Demand

So often, resellers' primary focus is on high-volume customers and, in the meantime, they are losing out on big profits that come from an expansive customer base that includes the average consumer. eDist Business is able to offer the largest selection of consumer dictation devices to resellers in North America today because of long-standing relationships with the best manufacturers of consumer dictation devices.

As the largest wholesale distributor of consumer dictation devices, eDist Business can offer their VARs the tools to expand their customer base to include the day-to-day, casual user of consumer dictation devices. Resellers will also enjoy the benefits of pre- and post-sales support on any of the eDist Business products they sell, in addition to logistical support across the country so products get to your customers fast, and save resellers on overhead for warehousing, staffing, and shipping.

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